CDESK Desktop Client - Einführende Informationen - CDESK

CDESK Desktop Client - Introductory Information

1 Introduction

The CDESK Desktop Client is primarily designed for permanent work with CDESK for users with the cheaper CDESK SILVER license. Due to the advantages provided by the CDESK Desktop Client, we recommend its use also for users with the CDESK GOLD license. It is used for operational work and more convenient management of items in the database (CMDB). It allows you to handle individual requests, work orders, record fulfillments and related activities such as status change (e.g. to „Completed“). Users with a CDESK GOLD license can edit in it as in a spreadsheet, what greatly simplifies the management of various lists.

There are some differences between CDESK Desktop Client and the web interface:

  • Spreadsheet listings with a flexible filter above each column.
  • Spreadsheet editing – edit data directly in lists without opening record detail (GOLD license required).
  • Search for data in the top search field at the same time as typing.
  • Possibility to add a record in a way suitable for the module, e.g. via the catalog of requests, via a modal window, via a new row in the table, via a new row in the table with pre-filling of selected columns.
  • Easy to navigate thanks to the possibility to anchor columns of your choice.
  • Clear right panel with record preview and editing in the lists.
  • Quickly navigate using the filters in the left panel.

2 CDESK Desktop Client – Working Tool for Cheaper Licenses

The CDESK Desktop Client offers a cheaper possibility to use CDESK for operational work. Through the CDESK Desktop Client, workers have continuous access to the functions needed for daily work and, if they occasionally require full functionality, it is available via web under certain time restrictions. Another advantage of the client is that the data is stored locally on the computer that saves the server power. The same goes for the mobile app.

For users with a CDESK SILVER license, access to the web interface is partially restricted; only 25% of the users with this license can connect to the CDESK website at one time. But using the CDESK Desktop Client, users with a CDESK SILVER license are also connected continuously and at a lower cost.

3 CDESK Desktop Client – Useful for CDESK GOLD Users

We would like to highlight some useful features that can be of benefit also to users with a GOLD license, i.e. users who have unlimited access to the web interface

3.1 Spreadsheet Editing as in Excel (CDESK GOLD License Required)

Spreadsheet editing allows you to move and edit items as in Excel. The spreadsheet editing feature is supported for almost every module.

You may encounter modal windows also in spreadsheet editing, as the cell format requires it. This is the case when the cell contains HTML content and the table itself displays the strings as plain text. To ensure that the HTML formatting is not lost during input and editing, an auxiliary modal window is displayed.

Obrázok 1 Tabuľková editácia - Modálne okno - Úprava textu 1
Figure 1 Spreadsheet Editing – Modal Window – Text Editing 1

Use the ENTER button to enter the item you want to edit. Use the ESC key to exit the item. Use the „Save“ button to save the edited text. The F2 keyboard shortcut also allows you to enter a description in spreadsheet editing.

Use arrow keys to move horizontally and vertically by individual cells in the item. In the selected cell you want to edit, start typing and the text will be added directly. The similarity of spreadsheet editing can be compared to Excel. If there is already a similar value in the column, the repeating content will appear in parallel when typing using spreadsheet editing.

Obrázok 1 Tabuľková editácia - Modálne okno - Úprava textu 1
Figure 2 Spreadsheet editing

3.2 Flexible Filter Over Each Column and Saving Set Filter

Another advantage offered by the CDESK Desktop Client is filtering in any column. Just click on the column name and the filtering conditions are displayed.

Obrázok 3 Filtrovanie v konkrétnom stĺpci
Figure 3 Filter in a specific column

The filters set over the columns have an „AND“ relationship in between then.  You can combine „AND“ and „OR“ within a single column.

Obrázok 4 AND, OR filter
Figure 4 AND, OR filter

The quick filter settings can be saved under a button and thus quickly applied in the future. The button is created via the funnel icon with the ‚+‘ sign in the upper right part.

Obrázok 5 Vytvorenie nového filtru
Figure 5 Creating a new filter

3.3 Instant Search for Data in the Top Search Box at the Same Time as Typing

Records can also be searched using the top search box. Results are instantly displayed as you type.

Obrázok 6 Vrchné vyhľadávacie pole
Figure 6 Top search box

In the top search box, it is possible to search even if other filters are enabled elsewhere (left panel, quick filter above columns). To do this, use the toggle at the end of the top search box: turn it off to search for the entered text in all available records.

Obrázok 7 Vrchné vyhľadávacie pole – prepínanie rozsahu vyhľadávania
Figure 7 Top search box – toggling the search range

You can also control the range of the fields the top search box will search in. Set the search range via the hamburger menu at the end of the top search box.

Obrázok 8 Vrchné vyhľadávacie pole – zoznam stĺpcov, v ktorých sa vyhľadáva
Figure 8 Top search box – list of columns to search

3.4 Right Panel with Record Preview and Editing

When you click on an item in any module, the right panel displays the contents of the selected item from the record. Individual actions are described below.

Obrázok 9 Pravý panel požiadavky
Figure 9 Right panel of the request

The right panel allows you to view the request in multiple levels.

Obrázok 10 Pravý panel požiadavky 2
Figure 10 Right panel of the request 2

3.5 Quick Functions on the Narrow Right Panel with Buttons

The right panel allows faster access to the desired item and more convenient work with it. Through the right panel you can choose between quick shortcuts such as rolling out the request in two levels and then scaling it down:

Obrázok 11 Pravý panel požiadavky - zobrazenie panela
Figure 11 Right panel of the request – panel views

In addition to the functions mentioned below, the right panel allows you to directly open the modal window.

Obrázok 12 Pravý panel - modálne okno
Figure 12 Right panel – modal window

The following items are synchronization, save, add discussion post, post for assignees, complete, add fulfillment, add task, add work order, related requests, and attachments.

3.5.1 Discussion in the Request

The right panel of the request allows quicker access to the discussion using a button or tab. The right panel also contains a function to open a modal window with discussion.

Obrázok 13 Pridať diskusiu pomocou pravého panela v požiadavkách
Figure 13 Add a discussion using the right panel in the requests
Obrázok 14 Záložky diskusie v pravom panely požiadaviek
Figure 14 Discussion tab in the right panel of the requests

The discussion can also be opened in a modal window directly via the right panel.

Obrázok 15 Modrá ikona v diskusii na otvorenie modálneho okna
Figure 15 Blue icon in the discussion to open the modal window

3.6 New Ways to Add Records

There are several new ways of adding records in the CDESK Desktop Client compared to the web interface. There is row adding, which is particularly suitable for the CMDB configuration database of objects, Fulfillments, Tasks. For adding with data repetition, the row adding method with the transfer of data from the filter can help you. Adding via the right panel is simplifying. The closest to the web interface is adding via a modal window. The different methods of adding from the web interface are described in the following text.

  1. Add via right panel
  2. Add via new row directly in the list
  3. Add via new row using filter
3.6.1 Add via Right Panel

If you choose „Add via right panel“, the right panel is opened and you can add e.g. a task.

Obrázok 16 Pridať cez pravý panel – Úloha
Figure 16 Add via right panel – Task

After selecting „Add via the right panel“, the panel will be rolled out in the first level. Using arrows located below the „X“ icon used to exit the window, the panel level can be scaled up and down as needed. This is followed by the „Open in modal window“, „Synchronize“, „Save“ and „Delete“ buttons.

Obrázok 17 Ukážka - Pravý panel – Úloha
Figure 17 Example – Right panel – Task
3.6.2 Add via New Row Directly in the List

Among one of the most useful features that CDESK Desktop Client offers is the „Add via new row“. With this feature, you don’t need to open any additional windows and simply add and type information exactly where you need it, which saves you time and work.

Obrázok 18 Pridať cez nový riadok – Plnenie
Figure 18 Add via new row – Fulfillment

When you add a new row, the sync box appears right at the beginning of it. We explain more about synchronization in further tips. We are still in the spreadsheet editing, where you can just start typing right away. Even though it is a new row first in the order, it is automatically pre-filled when you type text that already exists in that column.

3.6.3 Add via New Row Using Filter

If you have selected the type in the left filter, just click on „Add via new row using filter“ after setting the window and rows will be added to which you just need to add the necessary information. The best use of this feature is if you enter objects in the CMDB into a configuration database with a certain equal value.

Obrázok 20 Pridať cez nový riadok s použitím filtra – Objekty konfiguračnej databázy
Figure 20 Add via new row using filter – Configuration database objects

The row that appears after adding can be filled in by typing directly as in the case of the „Add via new row“ option.

Obrázok 21 Pridať cez nový riadok s použitím filtra - Objekty konfiguračnej databázy - Nový riadok
Figure 21 Add via a new row using filter – Configuration database objects – New row

The button is at your disposal non-stop and you can set it according to your own needs. It helps you work faster and more efficiently.

Currently, this method of adding is possible in the CMDB configuration database of objects. It is planned to incorporate it in fulfillments and tasks as well.

3.7 Optional Column Anchoring

Anchoring columns may resemble Excel. One way to anchor a column is by direct right-clicking on it. You can change the anchoring of columns at any time as you wish.

Obrázok 22 Ukotvenie stĺpca pomocou "Ukotviť po tento stĺpec"
Figure 22 Anchoring a column using „Anchor up to this column“
Obrázok 23 Ukotvenie stĺpca pomocou "Ukotviť po tento stĺpec" 2
Figure 23 Anchoring a column using „Freeze column“ 2
Obrázok 24 Ukotvenie stĺpca pomocou "Ukotviť po tento stĺpec" 3
Figure 24 Anchoring a column using „Anchor up to this column“ 3

As an additional option for anchoring columns in the CDESK Desktop Client, this feature is available with a prompt possibility to customize the number of anchored columns in the left panel. The setting makes environment more pleasant and easier to work in.

Obrázok 25 Voľné ukotvenie stĺpcov
Figure 25 Loose anchorage of columns
Obrázok 26 Ukotvenie stĺpcov-nastavenia
Figure 26 Anchoring columns – settings
Obrázok 27 Ukotvenie stĺpcov 2
Figure 27 Anchoring columns 2

3.8 Quick Navigation in Requests Using Filters in the Left Panel

Use filters in the left panel of requests to switch as in ‚folders‘. We have selected default filters for you that you are likely to use the most. They cannot be changed. For your own filter setup, we recommend you creating your own filters.

Obrázok 28 Požiadavky - Ľavý panel filtrovania
Figure 28 Requests – Left filter panel

4 Further Tips to Make the Client Easier to Use

To take advantage of the CDESK Desktop Client potential, get acquainted with the features and selected functions described in the following text.

4.1 CDESK Desktop Client Works with a Local Database

As mentioned above, the CDESK Desktop Client has a local database, which makes the software less taxing on the server. The transfer with the server can be manual or automatic. Manual mode requires pressing the „Save“ button, or if you by any chance leave a record without saving it, you can use the sync center to complete the saving on the server. In the automatic mode, the client attempts to transfer the data each time you leave the record.

4.1.1 Information About the Status of Data Synchronization Between the Client and the Server

Report about synchronization status via the „Sync Cloud“ and the yellow/red icons in the item row.

Automatic synchronization to the server after each change allows direct linking and saving to the server. If this option is not selected, the data will be stored in the local database. Use the cloud icon to save the entered information to the server.

Obrázok 29 Synchronizačný oblak
Figure 29 Synchronization cloud
Obrázok 30 Automatická synchronizácia
Figure 30 Automatic synchronization

Use the disc icons in the first level to save all the necessary synchronizations. If you want to save only one synchronization, this can be done using the disc belonging to the specific synchronization.

Obrázok 31 Uloženie synchronizácie
Figure 31 Saving synchronization

If you change some information on the web, it is transferred to the CDESK Desktop Client. It is not currently possible to do so in the opposite direction.

4.1.2 Yellow/Red Sync Notification Icon

The colored icon informs about the current synchronization status of specific items.

Obrázok 32 Synchronizovanie
Figure 32 Synchronization

If any mandatory fields are not filled in, the sync button appears in red. It appears in yellow if the item needs to be saved.

4.2 The Most Commonly Used Parameters at the Top of the Form

In the requests as the first module, the data is at the top of the record detail. Although the parameters at the top of the form seem to be read-only, they can be edited.

Obrázok 33 Požiadavka – parametre na vrchu formuláru
Figure 33 Request – parameters at the top of the form
4.2.1 Overview of the Data at the Top of the Request Form:
  1. Company
  2. Assignee
  3. Status
  4. Response time
  5. Time to resolve from
  6. Completion deadline
  7. Priority

4.3 Height Settings with Column and Common Rows Names

As the option to anchor columns similar to the one in Excel has been already mentioned, in the left column in the Settings tab you can set the column name height and row height to fit more text in the cells.

Obrázok 34 Nastavenie výšky s názvami stĺpcov a bežných riadkov
Figure 34 Height setting with names of columns and common rows
Obrázok 35 Nastavenie výšky s názvami stĺpcov a bežných riadkov 2
Figure 35 Height setting with names of columns and common rows 2

4.4 Each Module Has Its Own Settings in the Left Panel

In addition to the primary settings offered in the profile, it is also possible to select settings in the specific module as well as when filtering in the left section. The Settings option is located right next to the filter.

Obrázok 36 Nastavenie v ľavom paneli
Figure 36 Settings in the left panel

In the settings, you make the same choices as we have already mentioned in the list of configuration database objects:

  1. Automatic synchronization
  • Save to local database after every change
  • Automatically synchronize to server
  1. Spreadsheet editing
  • Automatically open in spreadsheet editing mode
  • Enable the update of the table list in edit mode
  1. Other
  • Number of anchored columns
  • Height of column title
  • Row height

4.5 Order of Columns via Drag and Drop

You can set the order of columns not only by the first column selection and order setting next to the spreadsheet editing, but also by direct mouse contact: you simply grab any column and then move it as needed.

Obrázok 37 Usporiadavanie zoznamu stĺpcov cez drag and drop 1
Figure 37 Arranging a list of columns via drag and drop 1
Obrázok 38 Usporiadavanie zoznamu stĺpcov cez drag and drop 2
Figure 38 Arranging a list of columns via drag and drop 2

4.6 Web-Only Features Integrated in the CDESK Desktop Client

It is possible to use some features on the website without having to leave and exit your current activity in the program. The mentioned function is offered by e.g. Message Processing, opening the detail of the offer. Please note that such access to the web interface uses up a direct web access license.

Obrázok 39 Funkcie dostupné len na webe - spracovanie správ
Figure 39 Web-only functions – message processing

5 Užitočné klávesové skratky

CTRL + ENTER – automatically turns on spreadsheet editing and the selected cell can be edited immediately

CTRL + S – saves and synchronizes the item with the server (works in spreadsheet editing)

CTRL + SHIFT + S – the currently opened module is synchronized with the server

ALT + END – exits spreadsheet editing

HOME – moves the cursor to the cell in the first column

END – shifts to the end of columns

6 Installing the CDESK Desktop Client on Your Computer

We will guide you through the installation of the CDESK Desktop Client step by step. It is based on the „.NET CORE“ technology, the core of which must be installed on the computer and the latest Microsoft Edge browser is required for proper functioning. Both components, if missing on the computer, the installer automatically includes in the installation. The installer is available on the CDESK website under the Download section. The latest version is updated automatically and offered to you when released.

  1. In the installation wizard, choose the preferred language you want to use and then select „Next >“.
Obrázok 40 Začiatok inštalácie CDESK Desktop klienta
Figure 40 Start of CDESK Desktop Client installation
Obrázok 41 Ponúknutá inštalácia v prípade, že Váš počítač nemá všetky potrebné komponenty
Figure 41 Offered installation in case your computer does not have all the necessary components
Obrázok 42 Prehľad potrebných komponentov na doinštalovanie
Figure 42 Overview of the necessary components to install
Obrázok 43 Ukážka aktualizácie Microsoft Edge
Figure 43 Microsoft Edge update preview
Obrázok 44 Ponúknutý začiatok inštalácie „.NET Core“ komponentu
Figure 44 Offered start of installation of the „.NET Core“ component
Obrázok 45 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 1.7
Figure 45 Installation wizard step 1.7

2. In the Setup section, check „I accept the terms in the License Agreement“ and then click „Next >“.

Obrázok 46 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 2
Figure 46 Installation wizard step 2

3. In the selection of the installation folder, check the „Product install path“ to see if the installation location suits you. If the path does not suit you, click the “Browse” button and select the repository. If the path suits you, click „Next“.

Obrázok 47 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 3
Figure 47 Installation wizard step 3

4. Wait for the Installation Wizard to install the product.

Obrázok 48 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 4
Figure 48 Installation wizard step 4

5. After installation, verify if the „Launch CDESK Desktop Client“ box is checked and click „Finish“.

Obrázok 49 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 6
Figure 49 Installation wizard step 5

6. After installation, you will see an input window in the preset language. Enter „Server“, „Username“ and „Password“.

Obrázok 50 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 7
Figure 50 Installation wizard step 6

7. Wait for the synchronization to finish. If you have a new environment with few records, synchronization should be done in a matter of seconds, if you already have an environment with tens of thousands of records, synchronization takes several minutes.

Obrázok 51 Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 8
Figure 51 Installation wizard step 7

6.1 CDESK Desktop Client Updates

The CDESK Desktop Client itself checks for the latest available version from the central repository. If a newer version is available, an upgrade is offered.

In case you want to verify that you have the latest version, click the cloud button.

Obrázok 52 Tlačidlo na stiahnutie najnovšej dostupnej verzie
Figure 52 Button to download the latest available version

6.2 Switching to Test Versions

You can switch the CDESK Client from the production version to the Beta/Alpha test version. Versions that come directly out of development are referred to as Alpha and versions that have passed basic testing are referred to as Beta versions. Do not make the switch unless you have checked with CDESK support, as a particular Alpha/Beta version may not be suitable for your environment. You must also expect a higher labor intensity when upgrading to a more stable version, which must be done by uninstalling and installing the CDESK client. The switch can be done in My Profile -> Settings -> Gear icon.

Obrázok 54 Prepnutie na testovacie verzie Alfa_Beta
Figure 53 Switching to Alpha/Beta test versions

7 Central Settings

In the upper right corner, click on Profile – „Figure“ then on settings to display a window with options:

  • Language – language selection
  • Default section to view – when you turn on the CDESK Desktop Client, the module that is set as default in the settings is opened at the same time
  • Font size – small, medium, large – the setting is valid for the whole Desktop application
  • Version – displays the version number of the currently used CDESK Desktop Client – settings and updates
  • Autostart – if the Autostart option is enabled, the CDESK Desktop Client will automatically start when the computer is turned on
  • Full sync – used to manually start database synchronization with CDESK server
  • Keyboard shortcuts, visual settings – The current setting is „Show bookmark names“. If the setting is on/off, bookmarks will be displayed as icons/icons with name.
  • Show database location – when clicked, the database location path is displayed
  • Delete stored credentials and quit

Log browser – window with an overview of error messages, which can be useful in case of contacting support to resolve problems faster.

Obrázok 54 Centrálne nastavenia
Figure 54 Central settings

The CDESK Desktop Client allows quick access to work and easier implementation. If you use the Desktop application, you can be sure of being in control of your work. You are more connected to it and feel more at home. Thanks to notifications you no longer miss anything and are informed about everything.

We wish you a pleasant work with CDESK Desktop Client.