Neues Widget zum Ausgleich von Anfragen, vertrauliche Anhänge in Anfragen, Supervisor-Genehmigung und andere neue Funktionen

12. April 2023

New Balance of Requests widget with daily increase and decrease of requests

It is now possible to add a new Balance of Requests widget to the Dashboard. It gives information about the current increase and decrease of requests. The widget provides two types of views – tabular and bar chart. The bar chart graphically displays the number of requests that have been received, terminated or moved on. In the tabular view, these balances are written as numbers.

Nový widget – bilancia požiadaviek
Figure: New widget – balance of requests

A new type of attachment has been introduced for uploading confidential files containing sensitive data

Update 3.1.8 introduces a new element to enhance data security in CDESK with a new attachment type – sensitive attachments, allowing the upload of confidential files containing sensitive data. These are only available for download to users who have uploaded such attachments and to users with permission to view/download sensitive attachments from other users.

The main difference from the internal attachments already in use is that in the case of sensitive attachments, the visibility of the list of attachments does not entitle the user to access other people´s attachments. Internal attachments are primarily intended for request assignees and are not accessible to customer accounts. Standard attachments are accessible to all accounts with permission to access that attachment type.

Citlivé prílohy vo formulári požiadavky sú s fialovým pozadím
Figure: Sensitive attachments in the request form have purple background
Oprávnenie pre prístup k citlivým prílohám, v špeciálnych oprávneniach sa udeľuje prístup k cudzím citlivým prílohám
Figure: Permission to access sensitive attachments, access to sensitive attachments can be granted in special permissions.

Supervisor Approval – The approval rule can define that the user’s supervisor must first comment on the approval subject

When configuring an approval rule, it is now possible to define that the supervisor should first comment on the approval. The name of the supervisor (CDESK account) is dynamically selected from the settings of the user who entered the request, the time-off request or created the free approval. If an organizational structure is synchronized to CDESK, for example from Active Directory, the supervisor can be automatically seen in the organizational structure.

The supervisor approval step is prior to other steps of the approval process. In practice, this means that if the supervisor denies the approval, the whole approval process is completed as denied. If the supervisor says yes, the approval process moves to the next steps of the approval process, where it is determined whether the approval is accepted or rejected.

Schvaľovací proces, ktorý bol v prvom kroku zamietnutý nadriadeným
Figure: The approval process, which was rejected in the first step by the superior
Nastavenie Povinné schválenie nadriadeným vo formulári schvaľovacieho pravidla
Figure: Setting Mandatory Supervisor Approval in the Approval Rule form

New permission to read/edit additional properties

With the new version of CDESK, the option to set permissions for visibility and editing of additional properties has been added. Permissions can be set separately for each of the additional properties.

Oprávnenia pre čítanie a editáciu doplnkových vlastností
Figure: Permissions for reading and editing additional properties
Nastavenie oprávnení zvlášť pre každú z doplnkových vlastností
Figure: Setting permissions separately for each of the additional properties

You can view and search for additional properties in the list of deals

New features have been added to the Deals module. It is now possible to display columns with additional properties in the list of deals. These columns can be filtered and included in the export.

Stĺpce s doplnkovými vlastnosťami v zozname zákaziek
Figure: Columns with additional properties in the list of deals
Read more about other new features in Version 3.1.8


Added bulk editing in the list of contacts

Bulk editing of contacts was missing until now, with update 3.1.8 we have implemented it, which will make working with contacts more convenient and faster.

Hromadná editácia zoznamu kontaktov
Figure: Bulk editing of the list of contacts
In the list of contacts, you can view columns with the contact’s properties and filter by them

The selection of columns for the list of contacts has been expanded to include columns that display additional properties of contacts. Based on these columns, the list can be filtered and can also be included in the export.

Doplnkové vlastnosti v zozname kontaktov
Figure: Additional properties in the list of contacts


Recipients of mails from messages to process, listed in To and Copy, can be added to the new request as manually added notification recipients

For requests created from emails via message processing, a new function has been added, where addresses from the fields To and Copy are extracted from the email and then these addresses are inserted into the created request as manually added recipients. The purpose of this modification was to allow you to send selected request notifications to other addresses listed in the mail.

You can enable this feature separately for each mail address in Global Settings -> Message Processing -> gear next to the selected mail address.

Zapnutie funkcie Adresy Komu:, Kópia: spracované ako Manuálne pridané vo vytvorených požiadavkách pre konkrétnu adresu
Figure: Enabling Addresses in To:, CC: processed as Manually added in created requests for a specific address
The selection of columns for the main search in the list of requests is displayed when using the advanced filter

This icon in the main search field , which allows you to specify which basic fields of the requests list to search, has so far only been available when using a simple filter. Since version 3.1.8, this feature can also be used with the advanced filter. It has also been added for the list of work orders.

Nastavenie, kedy sa určuje, v ktorých stĺpcoch sa vyhľadáva, je dostupné aj pri používaní pokročilého filtra
Figure: The setting to specify which columns are searched is now also available when using the advanced filter
Keeping the simple filter search field on the screen even if it is empty

To cancel a condition in a simple filter, the cross icon  is used. In previous versions of CDESK, clicking on this icon cancelled the condition and made it unnecessary to reconfigure it. Now, clicking on  will first deselect the value selected in the condition, making it possible to select a new value for the condition. For example, if the value Open is selected in Status, then clicking  will only deselect the value Open. To cancel the condition completely, you need to click again.

Rýchla zmena podmienky v jednoduchom filtri pri kliknutí na ikonu pre zrušenie filtra
Figure: Quick change of condition in the simple filter by clicking on the icon to cancel the filter
Reversal of permission logic for making requests available/unavailable by deal

Previous versions of CDESK used the View Records of Others Assigned to Inaccessible Deals permission to restrict access to records of others. With the last update, we flipped the logic of this permission to make the setup more intuitive. It is now used to make available requests of others linked to deals that the user has access to. Also, in the permission settings, this permission has been renamed to Access to records from visible requests.

For more information on this and all other permissions used in the requests, see this manual.

Oprávnenie Sprístupnenie záznamov z viditeľných požiadaviek
Figure: Access to records from visible requests permission
Show icon name in an existing Catalog of Requests tile

As we have recently significantly expanded the number of icons available for the catalog of requests tiles, we encountered complications when trying to reuse the same icon in a new tile. Namely, it was not possible to find out the name of the icon in an existing tile, by which you could retrieve that icon again for a new tile. We’ve added this feature so the name will show up when you open an existing tile, give it an edit, and click to select the icon. The name is below the colored thumbnails of the icon.

Tooltip okno s názvom ikony
Figure: Tooltip window with icon name
In the advanced filter of the list of requests and work orders, the condition Supplier, specified in the Waiting for 3rd Party / Waiting for Supplier status has been added

In a request in the Waiting for 3rd Party status, the supplier can be selected. The same is true for a work order that has been switched to the Waiting for Supplier status. To make it easier to find such requests and work orders, we have added Supplier in the lists of both of these modules for the advanced filter.

Filtrovanie zoznamu požiadaviek podľa podmienky Dodávateľ
Figure: Filtering the list of requests by Supplier
On the request template, it is possible to set a field that is not accessible for editing to be displayed when creating a request

On the request template, it is possible to define for each field which account types will be visible and accessible for editing when creating a request. With the 3.1.8 update, the option was added to set that if a field is editable for the selected account type, it can only be displayed without editing for the remaining account types. With this setting you can achieve, for example, that when creating a request for an end user, the selected field will be editable and read-only when saved.

Nastavenie Zobrazovať pri vytváraní požiadavky ostatným kontám, ktoré sa nachádza v šablóne požiadavky
Figure: Setting Display to other accounts when creating a request
Changes made to the request description are carried over to the request description in the approval process

The changed request description is now also carried over into the approval process. In previous versions of CDESK, when the request description was changed, the changes were not reflected in the approval process form and the description from the time the process was created remained there.

Work Orders

Additional properties from the request can be made available to the work order assignee for editing

In practice, a situation may arise where the request form contains many fields from additional properties, the completion of which requires cooperation with other users without access to the request. Therefore, with the latest update we have introduced a new permission that allows the assignee to edit additional properties on the linked request from the work order.

Nové oprávnenie pre sprístupnenie editáciu doplnkových vlastností riešiteľom pracovných príkazov
Figure: New permissions to make editing additional properties available to work order assignees


New button in the list of deals that will allow to view the linked billing items under all deals at once

In the economic view, you can view billing items under the selected deal in the list of deals. Now a button has been added to display the linked billing items under all deals in the list at once.

Zobrazenie účtovných položiek pod všetkými zákazkami v zozname
Figure: Viewing billing items under all deals in the list
Multiple users can be selected in the Responsible Person field in the deal

As in the requests, multiple users can be selected in the Responsible Person field on the deal.

Zákazka, ktorá má nastavených viacerých používateľov ako zodpovednú osobu
Figure: Deal that has multiple users set as the responsible person
Color coded button for adding internal fulfillment via hamburger menu in the list of billing items

For each billing item in the list of billing items, there is a hamburger menu through which, among others, an internal fulfillment can be added to the billing item. With the last update, we changed the color of the button to add an internal fulfillment, making it more distinguishable from the rest of the options.

Tlačidlo na pridávanie interných plnení v zozname účtovných položiek
Figure: Button for adding internal fulfillments in the list of billing items


Modifications to the display of flat rate usage on the invoice draft

With the update 3.1.8 the display of flat rate usage on the invoice draft has been modified. The option to uncheck any fulfillment to not be invoiced has been restored. When unchecked, the quantity drawn from the flat rate will be recalculated. At the same time, this option makes it possible to include in the billing a fulfillment that would not be invoiced.

Plnenie, ktoré bolo v drafte faktúry odškrtnuté aby sa nefakturovalo
Figure: Fulfillment that has been unchecked in the invoice draft to not be invoiced
QR code for payment (only Slovak for now) is also displayed on the invoice without any link to the order

When the PayBySquare connector is turned on, a QR code will be displayed on the invoice to allow you to pay the invoice. Since the last update, the QR code is also displayed on the invoice without a link to the deal. In both cases, for both invoices with and without a link to the deal, the code will only be displayed if the invoice has a Slovak supplier on it. In a future version of CDESK we will add the generation of the Czech QR code.

QR kód na faktúre bez väzby na zákazku
Figure: QR code on the invoice with no link to the deal
If multiple accounts are added to an invoice, they are also displayed in the invoice pdf

Multiple accounts can be added to an invoice. With the last update, we have made it so that all accounts linked to the invoice are displayed in the invoice pdf printout.

Nastavenie, aby faktúra obsahovala viacero bankových účtov
Figure: Setting the invoice to contain multiple bank accounts
Vystavená faktúra s viacerými účtami
Figure: Invoice with more than one account


The sorting of fulfillments by the selected column works also for grouping

The list of fulfillments can be displayed in classic mode or grouped by days, customers, accounts, assignees, requests and tasks. In previous versions of CDESK, if any of these groupings were enabled, the items within the grouping could not be sorted by column. This feature has been added in version 3.1.8.

Zoraďovanie položiek v zozname plnení, aj keď je zoznam zoskupený podľa vybraného atribútu
Figure: Sorting items in the list of fulfillments, even if the list is grouped by the selected attribute
More compact layout of the fulfillment dialog

The new version of CDESK has brought changes to the fulfillment dialog, which is now more compact.

Porovnanie starého a nového dialógového okna plnení
Figure: Comparison of the old and new fulfillment dialog box
When using the simplified entry of the fulfillment duration, an icon is displayed that allows the fulfillment duration to be subtracted from the set time

In the simplified entry of the fulfillment duration, the time when the fulfillment is entered is pre-filled as the start time. In update 3.1.8, an icon was added to subtract the fulfillment duration from the start time. This makes entering fulfillments easier and faster.

Ikona, ktorá umožňuje, aby sa od nastaveného času odčítal čas trvania plnenia
Figure: Icon that allows the fulfillment duration to be subtracted from the set time
Additional properties can be displayed in the list of fulfillments

Columns of additional properties have been added to the list of fulfillments. These columns can be filtered and can also be included in the export.

Doplnkové vlastnosti ako stĺpce v zozname plnení a filtrovanie podľa nich
Figure: Additional properties as columns in the list of fulfillments and filtering by them
In the advanced filter of the list of fulfillments, is/isn´t options have been added for Company

In addition to the additional properties, new is/isn´t options have been added for Company in the advanced filter of fulfillments.

Možnosti je a nie je v podmienke Spoločnosť v pokročilom filtri zoznamu plnení
Figure: Options is and isn´t in the Company condition in the advanced filter of the list of fulfillments
The list of fulfillments can be sorted by From-To

In the list of fulfillments, the possibility of sorting records by From-To column has been added.

Zoznam plnení zoradený podľa stĺpca Od-do.
Figure: List of performances sorted by From-To column.

CMDB Configuration Database

Option to assign a configuration item (CI) to multiple companies

A new Assigned to Company tab has been added to the Configuration Items (CI) form, where CIs can be assigned to different companies. This makes it possible to assign a given item to multiple companies. Also, for each of the selected companies, it is possible to set that despite the assignment, the CI item cannot be selected on the records of that company, for example, on the request.

Záložka Priradené k spoločnosti vo formulári konfiguračnej položky (CI)
Figure: Assigned to Company tab in the Configuration Item (CI) form
New additional property of the organizational structure type

This update introduces a new type of basic additional properties – organizational structure, which allows you to select a branch from the organizational structure. This additional property is only available in environments with the AD/LDAP connector enabled with the organizational structure loaded. Read more about its configuration in this manual.

Doplnková vlastnosť typu organizačná štruktúra zobrazená vo formulári požiadavky
Figure: Additional property of the organizational structure type displayed in the request form
Option to restore an archived configuration item (CI)

Since version 3.1.8, it is possible to restore an archived CI item. In previous versions of CDESK this was not possible.

Obnova archivovanej konfiguračnej položky (CI)
Figure: Restoring an archived configuration item (CI)


The list of additional properties from the request is also displayed in the approval process form

Since the last update, additional properties from the request are transferred to the approval process form.

Doplnkové vlastnosti z požiadavky zobrazené vo formulári schvaľovacieho procesu
Figure: Additional properties from the request shown in the approval process form